About Derrick Le Lacheur

 I started my musical training by playing the trombone in school at Montreal West High. I was born in Gaspe Quebec and grew up in Montreal. At a very young age I was surrounded by music. My father, uncle and aunt all played good down home music. When I was attending Montreal West High our band went on an exchange trip to Philadelphia. I was playing the famous trombone solo I'm Getting Sentimental Over You. After I finished I received a standing ovation. When the concert was over a lady came up to me and told me how the solo made her cry and that it was her late husband's favorite song. I was very moved by this and knew what I wanted to do with my life. From 1977 to 1979 I studied at The Canadian Forces School Of Music in Victoria BC. From 1980 to 2003 I traveled to most parts of the world and was a featured singer and trombonist in the Stadacona Band in Halifax. Over the years I have had the pleasure of backing up Rosemary Clooney, Patty Page, as well as many other's . I produced shows called " A Tribute To Frank Sinatra  and was the featured vocalist. Traveling the Caribbean and working for The Royal Caribbean Cruise line singing and playing was so much fun. I got to preform for Clint Eastwood at his mission ranch in California in the 80's. Recording my two CD's Derrick Le Lacheur & The Swing Kings and We're Not An Island was another highlight of my career.  .

About Me

Ruth is a very talented singer and keyboard player. From Ella to Frank and many more you will have night to remember. 




From playing trombone in a dixieland band to singing Jazz standards and playing guitar, this is where my heart finds its glory

I love to preform!! Singing songs that Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett made popular are starting to be a lost art. I do my very best to keep this music alive. I also love to play guitar and sing songs by James Taylor, John Denver and many more as well. Being versatile has allowed me to make a living in the music business.

Mine are the eyes of a composer, too.

Seek and you shall find, this is what I discoverd in a church I attended a few years ago. This soul searching led me to a new way of living  and a new gift I didn't know I had. The gift of writing  music. I wrote an album of 12 songs called We're Not An Island.


 For the past few years, I've refined my technique and musicianship while taking it upon myself to perfect the art of playing music for seniors. Learning songs from 1875 on has been very rewarding.This music therapy has been proven to have great results for seniors  with Alzheimer's and Dementia.This experience has  also added hundred's of songs to my repeptoir. Preforming in lounges,clubs, restaurants and preforming my tribute to Sinatra shows have been a blast.  The result of my labors is a string of successful performances, along with audience and critical acclaim.